Here For Good 2014 Peru – Marketing Doc

Producer • Editor • Director • Writer.  I led a small bilingual crew on an intense 6 day shoot that was based in Lima, Peru and also took us up over 12,000 feet into the Andes. It was an amazing, extremely positive experience that required me to use every single problem-solving and interpersonal skill I've ever developed, along with my broken Spanish.

Oh, and then I edited the final piece in Avid from hours and hours of footage, including 17 Spanish-language interviews

Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation - Reel

Consulting Producer • Writer.  My former co-workers at mOcean needed some support on this project so I wrote the script and worked on the first cut with an editor before the in-house team took it back over. The structure I came up with and many choices that I was a part of remain, however lot of work was done after I left the project.

Teach "Teaching Teachers" – Short Doc

Producer • Writer.  This short was related to Teach a TV Documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim. I worked closely with Davis in the research stage of the project, writing an extensive treatment, and then producing an early, internal  sizzle reel.

That lead to my writing and producing this short doc from material that didn't make the final movie; only this one made it to Finish.  

Aspen Conversations Sizzle

**Producer, Writer, & Graphics Editor**

This sizzle was produced to raise money from a rarified audience of Aspen Fellowship alums.  Our goal was to capture the intellectual stimulation fellows remember from their experience, but also to infuse energy  liven up the dark colors and talking heads as much as possible.  

We raised the capital we needed for a 13 episode series in just under a week.

Aspen Fellowship - Graphic Open

Producer.  There were several things this graphic open to a series for the Aspen Institute needed to accomplish, including: –invoking a feeling of nostalgia for a life-changing seminar series that viewers had participated in, –adding motion and dimension at the top of pieces made up largely of talking heads. –branding the video series.

Meet The Robinsons – Sizzle

Meet The Robinsons – Sizzle

Producer • Writer

This sizzle had a very specific additional message to deliver to its internal Disney audience. Pixar's John Lassiter had just been announced as the head of Disney Feature Animation, and Robinsons was the first Disney project to be released under this new structure. We needed to emphasize that the Disney's historic animation division and Pixar would continue to co-exist as two separate and autonomous units. Happily, this has come to pass

Twin Solar Uruguay Marketing Reel