An experienced and award-winning writer/producer who delivers entertainment, documentary and marketing content that excites and engages target audiences.  First-rate collaborator who excels at generating and executing creative, entertaining solutions that achieve objectives.  Strong cross-platform storytelling sensibilities honed by experience in script development, documentary, movie trailers and in staring down the blank page until bends to my will.

•    Writing scripted and unscripted content ranging from copy and VO to full-length teleplay
•    Producing unscripted video content in both short and long form.
•    Executing and conceiving 360° marketing campaigns for major entertainment products.
•    Ad agency experience extensive; specialization motion picture advertising & on-air promotions
•    Strong comedic sensibility
•    Complex, large-scale project management
•    Generating high volume of written material quickly. 
•    Excellent creative problem-solver
•    Field producing & conducting on-camera interviews to yield needed bites and moments.
•    Delivering clear, actionable creative direction to collaborators e.g. designers, DPs, editors
•    Delivering expected materials on time and within budget. 
•    Stringing stories and editing in Avid platform, also comfortable with Adobe Creative Suite.


Fall Into Me/Scripted                                                                              Los Angeles, CA
Writer (technically `Story Producer’)                                                     January 2015–July 2015 (Intermittent)
Wrote original 1 hour for new series on
•    My pitch was first of 8 to get green light for new romance series.  Principal photography completed,      
      currently in editorial.

Independent Marketing Producer/Writer/Consultant                                   Los Angeles, CA
Multiple Clients                                                                                                March 2008–Present
Write and produce AV marketing content for major studios, motion picture advertising, TV promo & home entertainment agencies, filmmakers.
•   mOcean, where I worked on staff for 8.5 years, called me in on a project as recently as Oct. 2014.
•   Additional clients include: Disney Feature Animation, Universal, Fox Searchlight, Trailer Park, Aspect Ratio,
    Big Picture, Mojo, multiple independent filmmakers. 

Deacon Entertainment                                                                                      Los Angeles, CA
Creative Director                                                                                               March2012–Present
Produce projects, lead creative development and strategize new business initiatives for film, TV, content production company.
•   Create compelling, researched pitches, documents, and presentations to sell film and television projects
     and win marketing and advertising assignments.
•   Write original screenplays and rewrite company film projects.
•   Extensively analyze all drafts of company projects work with writers to ready scripts for the marketplace.
•   Landed movie deal with Lifetime by writing original treatment based on one-liner pitch.

•   Produced sizzle reel for Aspen Institute internal marketing initiative that landed 500K project; produced      
branded graphic open for Aspen series.

Produced, directed, wrote, & edited marketing documentary short shot in Lima & the Andes, Peru for large international corporate client.
•    lead bilingual crew on international cross-country shoot.
•    conducted 18 interviews in English and Spanish (received some help for the Spanish).
•    edited 6:00 final piece in Avid, including motion graphics, music, VO, subtitles.

Co-created and developed accredited online film education certificate for international corporation. 
     ◦   wrote white paper which secured project approval and funding
     ◦   designed and revised 11 course curriculum to deliver education outcomes which I helped to identify
     ◦   hired and prepared subject matter experts and
 appeared on-camera as subject matter expert. 

mOcean                                                                                                     Burbank, CA
Consulting Producer/Writer                                                                     Fall 2014
Helped to produce and wrote reel for Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.
•    broke initial structure with editor for busy in-house team who then took over finish line.
•    scripted to strategically balance organization's venerable history with its current mandate.
•     wrote interview questions, researched footage, found music.

Trailer Park                                                                                             Los Angeles, CA
Consulting Marketing Producer/Writer                                                Intermittent, Dec. 2012–Nov. 2013
Actively involved in the creative campaign that launched Disney’s FROZEN.   
•   wrote extensive original teaser, trailer, and TV scripts working closely with studio animation
     marketing EVP.    
•   collaborated with editors and in-house team to create high-testing AV marketing materials.
                                                                                                                                                               Davis Guggenheim/Participant Media                                                             Los Angeles, CA       
Consulting Producer/TEACH                                                                            Intermittent, Dec. 2011–July 2013
Worked closely w/Academy Award-winning filmmaker on CBS documentary TEACH. 
•   Wrote and produced sizzle reel and two affiliated documentary short films.
•   Researched, wrote, produced extensive proposal to articulate vision and market project to funders.

mOcean                                                                                                                 Burbank, CA
Producer/Writer                                                                                                    May 2001–March 2008
Creative Coordinator                                                                                            Nov. 1999–May 2001
Produced and wrote copy for 360° ad campaigns launching major motion pictures domestically and internationally for busy, award-winning, entertainment ad agency.
•   Collaborated creatively and strategized with executives, producers, editors, designers.
•   Regularly generated new creative on same project for 1 to 2 years.
•   On cutting edge of music trends; regularly submitted cues for campaigns and spots.
•   Produced and conducted interviews for “person-in-the-street” remote shoots
•   Directed top voice talent, both for animation acting, specialty spots, and narration.
•   Generated new creative in response to NRG and Nielson testing results.
•   Regularly wrote non-copy special shoot material.
•   Stayed current on studio assets to propose vertically integrated marketing opportunities.
•   Favorite projects among 160 include: Wall-E, Ratatouille, Juno, Little Miss Sunshine.

Bedford Falls Productions                                                                       Los Angeles, CA
Writer for “Relativity”                                                                              Broadcast 1/97 on ABC
•   Wrote an episode of this acclaimed series for producers E. Zwick & M. Herskovitz; J. Katims.

Hollywood Reporter Key Art
•   Winner, Copywriter, Best Family/Animation TV spot, “Wall-E”               2009
•   Nomination, Copywriter, Best Comedy Trailer, “Juno”                           2008

Telly Awards
•   Winner, Copywriter, 2 x TV spots, “Chicken Little”                                2006
•   Winner, Copywriter, TV spot “The Incredibles”                                      2005

“This American Life” Radio Show
•   Told story on episode 134 “We Didn’t”, Act 2                                         1999

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT | BA with Honors,  Film Studies.

Coursera, iTunes University:  Individual Courses                                                               
•   Wesleyan: Social Psychology  
•   Duke: Behavioral Economics  
•   Yale:  Introduction To Psychology   •   Harvard:  Positive Psychology
• Columbia U: The Civil War & Reconstruction, pt 1: 1850–1861