Swing The Doc – Trailer

Producer • Editor • Writer • Graphics.  Note: This documentary, directed by Susan Glatzer,  is currently in post-production and the master has not yet been mixed or color corrected; the picture and sound quality of the trailer reflects this status.

Wedding Palace – Trailer

Producer • Writer.  I met director Christine Yoo through a friend and loved her hilarious comedy.  This trailer helped Christine get it into many festivals and a successful VOD release.

Frozen – Trailer 2

Writer.  I did a lot of writing and work on this campaign; the line at 2:09 is mine.

Wall-e "Built Him" - TV :30

Writer.  As largely silent, post-apocalyptic, robot romance, Wall-e had it's challenges when it came to an ad campain. I'd been writing on this exquisite film during the teaser and trailer phases before I finally cracked a TV :30 with this simple run. This spot won a Key Art for Family TV spots.

Letting Go Of God – Trailer

Producer • Writer  Point of pride?  I wrote the Quentin Tarantino quote above (and at 1:27); I knew Julia and he were friends and indeed, she got him to sign off on it.

I approached Julia Sweeney, whom I've long admired, after a performance about working with her and was thrilled when she took me up on it. The challenge of this piece, a film of a one-woman show, was to highlight the humor and to add visual elements that took us out of the theater as much as possible... and to do it on a budget.  Per Julia, this trailer got the head of Showtime, who had picked up previous projects but ignored this one, to pick up the film.

Ratatouille "Desperate" – TV:30

Producer • Writer.  One of a series of ABC parody/tie-ins we did.
We had to soften the original payoff joke, which was "JUST TRY TO IGNORE THE BACK HAIR."

Ratatouille "Dancing With The Chefs" – TV:30

Producer • Writer.  One of the many challenges of this movie is that it's a buddy film in which the buddies can't speak to each other.  This was My favorite of the ABC/parody tie-ins we did, because it told that story and made great use of the physical comedy.  And the studio even paid for "Conga"!

Juno – Trailer

Writer.  There's only one line in this (@1:30), but it's mine and it got used for the one sheet too.  This trailer was nominated for a Key Art.

Cars "Journey" TV:30

Producer • Writer.  This event spot was among the first of the campaign; prestige and pedigree were a great way to overcome the young look of "Cars."

The Hangover "Questions" TV :30

Writer.  The premise of the spot and first line were mine as part of a freelance submission; second half was revised later without me.

Duck – Trailer

Producer • Writer.  The goal was to highlight the humor and humanity in this lovely Indie film. And what a joy that we had permission to use both the Eels and this gorgeous David Byrne cue.

Meet The Robinsons "So Close" – TV:30

Producer • Writer.  I love writing a good event line that also sets up a high-testing joke like this end line does.

The Jill & Julia Show – Trailer

Producer • Writer.  I was so delighted when Julia Sweeney (who is as wonderful as you think she'd be) contacted me again to help her with another trailer, this time for a concert film with the amazing Jill Sobule.  I'm happy with what we pulled off with a micro-budget for all involved.

True story - I've only written two fan letters in my adult life.  One was to Jill Sobule and the other was to Julia Sweeney, each years before I got to work with them.  And in the letter I wrote to Julia, I told her "there's the singer-songwriter who is so smart and funny and I think you'd really like her too..."  And yes, I was speaking of Jill Sobule.  How weird is that?

Wedding Palace "Loco" – TV :30

Editor • Producer • Writer.  I worked extensively on the trailer for this independent film and enjoyed cutting this :30 in Avid.

Ratatouille "Lost" – TV:30

Producer • Writer.  One of a series of ABC parody/tie-ins we did. It was so great to take these all the way.

Meet The Robinsons "Can't Wait" – TV:30

Producer • Writer Fun spot. And so glad I got to read the legendary Don LaFontaine; what a pro.